Romans 1:11-12
“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong—that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

These same thoughts from the Apostle Paul is what I want to say to you padii. Thanks for being that “Spiritual Friend” that God has blessed me. Thanks for being a true David (and Jonathan) in my life. As Proverbs 18:24 says, “a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” Let’s encourage, inspire and strengthen each other in our relationship with God, the one who gives the blessings, and to be more like Jesus. I am very grateful to the Lord for giving me such an awesome friend like padii. :)

My Repentance to Jesus

Jesus, today I surrender my life to You. I have decided to turn from my life the way I was before to my life now with You as my savior. Prior to this, I was doing things on my own until I turned around and found You. You got my back all along. Now, You are in control of my life. I come before You and repent all my sins. Change me and make me Your new creation. There will be times that I will be tested, but I will be still and know that You are my God. I will gather strength from You alone, because You are more than enough for me. I have made plenty of poor decisions back then, but right now, I have no regrets because the moment I decided to follow You is the greatest decision I have made in my life. Lead my life Lord as I live to praise and worship You with all my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

written last September 26, 2013


it’s true Lord Jesus that there will always be people better than me and people that are less than me, but i need not to compare myself to them because You first believed, believes and always will be believing in me. that’s why i believe in You, too, Jesus and i’ll always will. in that way, i will always find strength in believing in myself and it makes what others think and say doesn’t matter because what really matters is what matters to You, Lord God. ;)

My Lord, My God, Sorry I have lost focus on you, i was doing the wrong things, i was thinking about the wrong things, I was looking for the wrong things and I was longing from the wrong things; Not realizing that I only need you.

Lord, i pray that i may grasp the wisdom that i lack and that You intend to impart (James 1:5). I also pray Lord God that i may grasp the strength that i needed whenever i become weak and dismayed (Isaiah 41:10). Lord, i also pray that i may grasp the peace You give every time i am troubled and afraid (John 14:27). And oh Lord God, help me to grasp a steadfast faith so that i may live by it and not by what i see (2 Corinthians 5:7). All these i ask through Your son Jesus Christ. Amen.


Lord God, i thank You for today for making me realize that You are always right here by my side all along. Even though i didn’t acknowledge You all the times before, You never left me. You are always watching over me, guiding me and protecting me. I am very grateful to know that You are molding me to become a better person. You believe in me, like how a trainer believes in his student. It may be difficult and not always an easy path, but one thing will be certain—that it will all be worth it. As i hunger and seek for life’s adventures, i ended up seeking for You, oh Lord God. From now on, i surrender all my plans to you Lord. I may not understand everything but i have faith in You because i trust in You. Lead my life Lord as i live to praise and worship You with all my life forever. All in the name of Your son Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

My Convictions on Muay Thai

I wanted to learn Muay Thai because I want to give function to my muscles in line with my body building. I want to gain muscles not just for aesthetics but for a purpose.

I wanted to get involve in Muay Thai beause I want to learn martial arts. I want to learn how to not just defend myself but also to the people I care and to those who need help.

I wanted to train in Muay Thai because i want to be healthy. I want to be physically fit and have an active lifestyle in order to avoid sickness and overcome asthma.

I wanted to know Muay Thai because i am tired of being weak. I don’t want to be a pushover and an underdog anymore. I want to stand out for something. I want to gain confidence.

I wanted to participate in Muay Thai because i want to become a champion. I want to give inspiration to others just as how I got inspiration from them.

I wanted to engage in Muay Thai because I want to find my greatness. I want to experience something new. I crave for adventure.

I want to learn Muay Thai because i want to honor God through hardwork and persistence. To God be all the glory!

Why I wanted to learn Muay Thai:
to be strong
to learn a sport/martial art
to defend myself and those in need
to become a better person
to gain confidence
to become fit
to live a healthy lifestyle
to acquire a valuable skill
to meet awesome people
to be an inspiration
to enjoy life
to find adventure
to find my greatness
to become more closer to God
to honor God